Please come out to participate in the PDD consultations.

February 29th 11-2 or 4-9pm 1-0457 Lister Center, 11613-87 ave.


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The SAF will be developing a series of short films/sketches that bring awareness to issues that affect PwD… with a twist.   These films will be from the perspective of the person who has a disability.   Some topics to date include:  The PDD safety standards, language, group home living, family relationships, PDD, outings, access, etc….


Please see our YouTube Channel for our newest films.–77p2Pi481Tjw

Personal Development, Public Education
and Advocacy

The Self Advocacy Federation (SAF) is a group of people with developmental disability and their allies who believe in everyone working together to build strong communities and promote disability pride.

We are a not for profit society. If you would like to become a part of our organization or to contribute to us financially, please call us at 780-454-0701, ext. 108.


Our meetings are every Tuesday (semi monthly in the summer months) at 4pm.

We are located at: 18304-105 Avenue, Suite 104, Edmonton, Alberta, T5S 0C6