If you or someone you know is a musician and would like to entertain us at our Annual Rally on October 3rd we would love to hear from you.   Please contact Keri at the SAF office.  

We’re excited to be hosting our annual rally this year at Churchill Square in Edmonton.   Our theme this year is Accessibility and Transportation.   If you would like to get involved we could sure use your help!   Call the office at 780-454-0701 Ext # 108.  


Personal Development, Public Education
and Advocacy

The Self Advocacy Federation (SAF) is a group of people with developmental disability and their allies who believe in everyone working together to build strong communities and promote disability pride.

We are a not for profit society. If you would like to become a part of our organization or to contribute to us financially, please call us at 780-454-0701, ext. 108.

We are located at: 18304-105 Avenue, Suite 103, Edmonton, Alberta, T5S 0C6